6 DIY Vertical Garden Ideas to Grow More Food

Homiful.com -- There are times when we feel worried about the quality of food out there. Junk food or vegetables with pesticides will certainly harm our health. For that, the idea of growing our own food is worthy to try.  We can get fresh vegetables and fruits that are fresh and healthier.  

Don't worry if you want gardening,  but don't have enough space. Take it easy, there's a vertical DIY garden idea you can try. Vertical garden is more space-efficient and can make  you possible to grow more food. 

Check out of 6 DIY Vertical Garden Ideas to Grow More Food, for more inspiration to build your!

Use your balcony fence


Make the use of your fence as a beautiful hanging garden. On hollow fence balcony frame, you can hang pots of your vegetable plants. You can even make used plastic bottles  as a medium to grow your vegetable crops. 

Stylish and Neatly Arranged Vertical Garden


This planting medium is quite popular for vertical garden lovers. The vertical design is simple and allows you to grow more vegetables and fruits inside. This vertical garden media also features wheels that are easy to move to your liking. If you have more time, you can imitate the design of this vertical garden, and then build your own. But if you want to be practical, you can buy it online.

Higher Vertical Garden is More Food to Grow


You can create a vertical DIY garden from boxes arranged neatly and tall.  The higher you create your vertical garden design, the more plants you can plant. You can plant some herbs, edible flowers and even fruits on it.


A Vertical Garden with Wire Mash Rack


This vertical garden with wire mash rack is quite simple, and you can make your own. This wire mash rack will make it easier for you to hang your edible plant. Not only outdoors, even this minimalist vertical garden can be grown indoor.

Another Stylish DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

Just like before, this vertical planting medium looks stylish with a tall tube shape with special spots to grow your plants. You can modify the planting media of this vertical garden in a simple way, for example in terms of materials or design. Just make sure the aqueducts are well-built. 

Traditional Way with Wooden Vertical Garden


Got any leftover used wood? Try to use it as a vertical garden. You can make it into 4 stacks, so you can grow more edible plants on it. With a proper soil structure and good irrigation, plants in this vertical wooden garden can still grow lushly, and ready to eat.

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