6 DIY Herb Tower Ideas to Grow More in Small Space


6 DIY Herb Tower Ideas to Grow More in Small Space

Homiful.com -- Do not let the lack of land at home make you lazy to grow herbs that have many benefits. To get around the small land in the house is to create a tower concept that you can make yourself with pots or small containers. To see more, here is an DIY herbal tower idea that can help you summarize the land so functional.

Create two levels with different plants

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To make a herbal tower plant at home is quite easy. By utilizing pots around the house, you can make it into two levels like this, Distinguish each level with different plants for easy when in need. So it would be easy of course to make your own at home.

Use two types of plants in one pot with a limiter

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To get around the small land, you do not have to worry about it. Although only with three terraced pots only different types of herbs you can plant. Select the largest pot for the bottom and make two plants into one. Do it for the next level to look beautiful like this.

Change with the concept of vertical garden interesting

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To change your creativity in creating about plant, vertical garden concept like this you can apply to keep minimizing small land in the house. Create a model of a plant shelf that has distance so as not to hinder growth. You can use two level, each of which has 4 different type of plants.

Make use of galvanize buckets to make herbal towers

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In addition to terracotta pots that are commonly used. This time you can be creative in choosing a medium pot for herbal towers plants in general. Using a bucket of Galvani material, from three levels to make one type of plant or two different plant such as parsley, basil or mint.

Pot herbal tower

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Terracotta IDY pot plants to get a slick design. Make it with three or more levels, Use one type of plant in each pot such as mint leaves, stale or rosemary.

Herbs for DIY at home


To make herbs in small land you can choose the type of pot that is adjusted to the size of the land and the area of the house. Make different types of plants in one pot you can try pots with a large size to fill small pots on it.

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