6 Creative Ideas To Organize Bowls and Plates On Your Kitchen

6 Creative Ideas To Organize Bowls and  Plates On Your Kitchen

Homiful.com -- When going to the kitchen and will organize all the dishes on the plate, the plate as it is will make it difficult for you. To plant the right layout, the kitchen has several features that can be used as a storage space you can effectively make the kitchen space neat by arranging in the right place. One of them is to make use of shelves, drawers, cabinet and other for storage. Find out which storage space solution to use below!

Strong stainless


The selection of storage space plates and glasses that can be found in drawers like this is very effective. You simply pull the handle of the cabinet and make sure it is all open. Choose the type of plates, glasses and bowls that exist like to make a place of dishes at home.

Three perfect levels


Improvement of the kitchen area with a complete cabinet of three levels such as this can provide flexibility of the kitchen. Save whatever you want like glassware that is very vulnerable when falling. Apply three levels to store different equipment in each level.

Provide stainless safety


As a storage plates, bowls and glasses functional cabinets like this you can provide safety on the side. Strong stainless material with thrust model like this is quite easy to do. You can make this place rack model with three levels that are quite effective to accommodate all household appliances. Not just one room. Next to it can also be made a place to store dishes so that the efficiency of the kitchen feels neat and practical.

Make it a privacy comfort


To maintain privacy in the kitchen storage room, open models like this do not always look attractive. You can add a cloth cover with regular storage space. Such as the placement of plates, kitchen seasonings to different sauce places. Give boxes to store different types of foodstuffs.

Without drawers and only wooden seals


Choosing ideas to distinguish cooking utensils, cutlery and kitchen seasonings is quite easy. You can try to make a kitchen table model like this with a different concept. Open because the curtain and will be closed if the curtain is close. The impression of privacy is maintained, the placement of cooking utensils looks neat with a minimalist model of natural wood materials.

Enable everything


Arrange all kitchen cabinets to become functional rooms. You can provide different functional for one drawer and another. One for plate, one for such a bowl until the drawer space is filled all. Make sure that the kitchen drawer provides maximum storage space. So you don't have to add shelves  or other storage cabinets.

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