6 Best Plants to Cover a Fence, Really Beautiful!

Homiful.com -- Fence is one of the components that must be present in the house. The fence keep your home safe and private so that not just anyone can enter your home. Generally, the type of fence used is a fence made of iron and aluminum. Both are stronger and more durable. However, if you want to give your house a different touch, why not try having a fence covered with plants? In addition to maintaining security and privacy, this fence will add to the beauty of your home, as well as being a  greening land. 

So, here it is 6 Best Plants to Cover a Fence, Really Beautiful!

1. Lee Kwan Yeu (Curtain Creeper)


This plant is quite popular. We often find it in top-star hotels, but obviously you can bring it to as a plant to cover your fence. This type of plant has a stem that extend downwards, so it is very suitable to cover the fence. Curtain creeper is fast growing plant, very easy to bread, and the price is very cheap. For the treatment is very easy, just make sure this plants watered sufficiently.

2. Chinese honeysuckle (Quisqualis indica)


Liven up your fence with this flowering plant. Honey suckle belongs to the type of vines. Most vines are very heat-resistant, so it will make the house cooler and shady. The pink, red and white petals of this plant are quite beautiful, and make your fence looks more attractive than others.

3. Fern Plants


There are many types of ferns that can be used for fencing, such as Boston ferns, Holly ferns etc. Usually this plant is used in combination with other plants, so it looks more attractive. Ferns need media in order to grow lush. You can stick it or put it on the wall of the house fence. For its treatment is quite easy and does not require special habitats.

4. Thunbergia


Shade your fence by planting thunbergia on the fence. Thunbergia has beautiful flowers in white, that bloom in the morning and evening. This plant need enough sunlight to grow lush. It also has  unique leaves. The leaves are pentagon-shaped that resembles a heart.

5. Moss-rose purslane


Moss Rose has a very beautiful color with various colors, such as pink, yellow and orange. Because of its small size, Moss rose can be an option for those of you who want to beautify your home with a minimal land size. You can make it as a decoration plant that beautify your fence.

6. Ivy plants


This plant is planted in the middle of the city because it has properties that can absorb pollution very well. The way of growing that spread is very suitable for vertical garden and to cover the fence. This plant can grow very well and has a long enough survival.

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