6 Best Ideas To Turn Backyard Into Inviting Outdoor Spaces

Homiful.com -- The back terrace or backyard is a suitable place to relax in a comfortable place. All kinds of activities such as reading, family dining can be done in this area.

Well, for a more enjoyable experience, you can design the backyard a best and comfortable as possible, for mutual comfort. Here are some examples of "6 best ideas to turn backyard into inviting outdoor spaces" that you can apply at home.

Backyard with transparent roof design

by : @citraki

Backyard with the addition of transparent roof will make terrace more shady. In addition, this transparent roof also allows sunlight to stay in and make it brighter. The TV room designed adjacent to the backyard will also feel cooler.

Pleasant backyard dining room

by : @greenhouseoflayla

Dining room with outdoor concept will certainly be very fun, right? Wood materials are also selected for a set of dining tables and chairs to make it more visible to blend with nature. This area is protected from the glass roof, where various greenery will still get sunlight that can enter the room.

Backyard with lots of plants

by : @hijaudijuni

The following backyard design is specially designed for those of you who have a hobby of caring for ornamental plants. The expanse of green grass in this elongated garden looks very cool. Well, you can arrange ornamental plants in the pot around it for a more aesthetic look.

Backyard with minimalist design

by : @rumah_ujung_ku

The next backyard idea is designed minimalist and futuristic, suitable for those of you who have a small house. This garden model looks very simple with green grass as a focal point for a cooler atmosphere. A pair of chairs with coffee table to complement your relaxing atmosphere.

Vertical garden in the backyard

by : @titik.berteduh

One way to get around the narrow space is ti design a vertical garden. Well the way is quite easy, you can make use of pots placed on the wall in a row as in the picture. Combine with some neatly arranged pots on a standing shelf, right next next to it.

Minimalist fishpond in the backyard

by : @rumahsafila

Presenting a minimalist fishpond in the house proven to provide a calming atmosphere. The sound of gurgling water and also the greenery of ornamental plants complete the atmosphere of your relaxing activities. To make this area safer for the child playground, you can add trellis to cover the top of the pool.

Well that's 6 best ideas to turn backyard into inviting outdoor spaces that you can emulate at home. Hopefully this article is useful and can be one references for you.

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Hopefully this article is useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans.

Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home.

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