6 Awesome Ideas to Make KItchen Shelves

6 Awesome Ideas to Make Kitchen Shelves 

Homiful.com -- The idea of an open or hidden shelf in the kitchen cabinet is a good choice. Especially for those of you who like impressive crockery, storage is indispensable. But not all must be on display, you can make an open shelf of wood and usually on the kitchen table. To get an awesome latest kitchen shelf reference, find some of her favorites below!

Hidden shelves inside the cabinet


Not all storage space need to be visible to get their decorative art. Well this time you can add hidden shelves in the kitchen. You can also add other open shelves of wood material as a storage space for glassware such as decorative mugs. With other concept, you can make a sticky shelf to make it more maximal and look neat.

Use unique items as objects


The use of shelves for the kitchen does not have to be filled with kitchen spices or kitchen utensils. One of them that you can try is with an open shelf like this. Used to store terrarium model plants. To better fit the entire space, minimalist white interior can be applied for a spacious and airy impression.

Adjust the shelves to the kitchen space


The use of shelves for kitchen design is indispensable. Especially if the kitchen you have is small and cramped. Well one to get around the kitchen storage room feels maximal. You can install shelves in the wall area thoroughly in the kitchen room. Make two levels with to maximize the place of kitchen seasoning and also other cooking utensils. Because this small kitchen is very functional, you can apply Scandinavian concept that prioritizes its function. But also does not leaves the appearance of the kitchen room.

Keep the kitchen space regular


To display items in the kitchen, the selection of open and closed shelves is very important to maintain the neatness of the kitchen. You can group the selection of kitchen tools, seasonings and also foodstuffs. In addition to accentuating the look of the kitchen with the use shelves, you can create two levels for shelves with the form of a kitchen model to efficient.

Open shelves with industrial concept


The application of open shelves in the kitchen space this time you can pounce on the aesthetic industrial concept. This small kitchen size can give an elegant impression with a navy color bottom cabinet. You can also apply other decorations with shelves to place ornamental plant as a way of executing a fresher kitchen. 

Using the right kitchen concept


In the use of the kitchen shelves, it is recommended that the interior inside can be maximized. Whether it's a small or large kitchen, you can update the look of the kitchen with a grounded impression using a brown interior. The use of wall shelves can be used as storage space for kitchen spices to minimize the place.

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