5 Tips To Bring Scandinavian Style To Your Home


Homiful.com -- Scandinavian interior design is one type of interior design that is still widely liked by many circles. Synonymous with soft and soothing colors make the reason why this style still popular.

Scandinavian style is suitable for those of you who like aesthetic impressions without much detail and decoration. The interior is also environmentally friendly, due to the use of furniture with a touch of nature. Well, for your reference, let's check out the review of 5 tips to bring Scandinavian style to your home below.

Use neutral color

A distinctive feature of scandinavian style is the use of neutral color, such as white and also gray. In addition to making the bedroom look more aesthetic, the use of neutral room also adds to the impression of a room measuring 3x3 meters looks more spacious. Greenery decoration also adds to the atmosphere of the room feels more beautiful.

Living room with large windows

Tips to bring scandinavian style to a residence is with good lighting. Presenting a large enough window in a minimalist living room is one to make natural lighting from the outside can enter the maximum in the room. So your living room will more comfortable.

Dining room design with wooden floors

Incorporating wood material elements into the dwelling is also hallmark of scandinavian style. The design of this dining room uses a set of chairs and a dining table with a wooden touch that is aligned with the use of vinyl floors. So that the atmosphere of eating with your family will fell more pleasant.

TV room feels beautiful with plant decorations

The inspiration for the TV room is designed simple but still feels comfortable. The decoration of this room also uses natural decorations, such as putting plants in the corner of the room that will create a more beautiful residential atmosphere. You also combine it with beautiful wooden wall decors.

TV room feels beautiful with plant decorations

Interior inspiration in this Scandinavian-style kitchen is designed simply with the use of not too much furniture. This kitchen utilizes a linear kitchen model that makes the room feel cozy and more spacious. You can apply the dominance of white color to give the impression of the kitchen look cleaner and neater.

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