5 Incredible Modern Tropical Houses Ideas In 2021


Homiful.com -- Houses with tropic design is still a trend that is widely applied in minimalist residences. Modern tropical design actually has a simple design an the furniture used is more environmentally friendly and easy to find.

Natural materials become one the main characteristics, while also provide a relaxed feel and more integrated with nature. Well, before you renovate your dream home, let's check out the review of 5 incredible modern tropical houses ideas in 2021 that can be one your references.

TV room with open space concept and vertical garden

The concept of open space or the concept of a house with many openings is an important essence in tropical home design. This TV room or living room is designed adjacent to a minimalist garden. Applying the vertical concept becomes the best alternative to give a refreshing impression in the house. Combine it with a green grass expanse that will create a more beautiful atmosphere.

Modern bathroom with beautiful plant decor

If you like the bathroom with natural design, you can add decoration of various ornamental plants to strengthen the tropical concept. Natural bathroom design in addition to providing comfort is also a pleasant impression. You can place it in the corner of the room as in the design above.

Living room with natural feel

To maximize the natural impression, you can use natural materials, such as wood, rattan, and other environmentally friendly materials. One chair with a touch of wood material combined with padded pads on it is able to give a comfortable impression in your living room. Also add some wall hangings for a more aesthetic look of the room.

Vines in tropical houses

One way to get around the heat of the temperature when in a modern tropical houses is to present vines. With the presence of plants in the mini library room will certainly make your reading atmosphere will feel more pleasant.

Minimalist bedroom with large windows

Good air circulation is one of the main factors for designing a tropical-style house. This minimalist bedroom design is designed complete with a window that is large enough, allowing sunlight to enter the room. Your bedroom will certainly feel more refreshing and cool.

Now that's a review of 5 incredible modern tropical houses ideas in 2021 that you can use as one the inspirations.

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