5+ Cute and Interesting Twin Bedroom Ideas

Homiful.com -- Having twins is a bliss. Twins are always cute and adorable for their identical looks. Having twins also means that you will have double cuteness and love from both of them. 

But of course, twins must also be treated identically, for example regarding the choice of bedroom design. The good thing is that twins like to share a bedroom space for two. Setting up sharing rooms is definitely easier and more fun. In one room you can choose two beds, two furniture and two identical decorations when you decorate a room for twins. The point is that you can decorate a shared room for twins identically and fair way.

In this post, we will show you 5+ Cute and Interesting Twin Bedroom Ideas that would be the best inspiration for you and your twins kid. 

Mickey Mouse Theme Room for Twins

If your twins kids intend to love the same things, you can decorate a shared bedroom that adapt to what they like. For example, if the twins like Mickey Mouse character, then designing a shared bedroom with Mickey Mouse theme can be a good idea. You can place two beds with Mickey Mouse themed throws and pillow. 

Liven up the walls by installing stickers and wall decor in the shape of Mickey's head. The combination of black and red and the cute mouse character is guaranteed to make the twins love this kind of shared bedroom design.

Sweet Twin Bedroom Ideas for Girls

Two identical girls  is already cute and adorable.That's why, make sure their rooms also look pleasant to look at and live in. Rooms for twins don't have to be exactly the same. Keep adjusting to the character of each child. The child who is more feminine can be chosen for a bed with a sweet pink color. Meanwhile, the child who is more cheerful and simple can be chosen a simpler blue mattress. You can also put a nameplate decoration on each of their mattresses to clearly define their own space in the bedroom.

Spacious and Cozy Bedroom Ideas for Twins

A shared bedroom will definitely take up more space. For twin bedroom in a shared room, you can choose a white paint for the wall. The white wall is beautifying with cute stickers to enliven the room. The white walls intend to make a room look more spacious and airy. Then, you can choose a floor in natural brown color. Both combination of white walls and brown color floor will make the shared room feel more spacious and cozy.

Triplet Bedroom with Bunk Bed

In a small shared space, it's best to keep things in order and symmetrical. This share room have 3 beds, that is quite enough for the triplet. The bunk beds design is chosen to maximize the space. Here, three beds share the same open shelf to keep their things in order.



Twin bedroom design with playgrund 

Make the most of the vertical space by creating a special playground for the twins. The shape can be customized to their liking. Just make sure the distance between the bed and the playground base is not too short, so that the little one's head does not hit the playground base on it.

Colorful Bedroom for Twin Girls

This bedroom inspiration is perfect for twin girls' rooms. Some areas of the walls are polished in blue with the addition of heart stickers that make the room look cute and fun. Each child's single bed can be beautified with their favorite color choices of sheets, such as yellow and purple. This combination certainly makes the children's bedroom more colorful.

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