5 Best Earth Tone Ideas That Worthy To Try


Homiful.com -- For those of your who want to present a more comfortable atmosphere at home applying interior design with concept of earth tone can be one of the best ideas. 

Earth tone colors or natural colors are suitable to be applied to the interior design of today. Earth tone color categories are white, beige, nude and rustic. Well before you change your interior, let's check out the review "5 best earth tone ideas that are worthy to try" that can inspire you.

Warm living room with earth tone feel

The living room with white walls and beige sofa is perfectly combined to present the concept of earth tone interior. Interior design with earthy nuances will make the atmosphere feel more comfortable and also calming.

Gorgeous bathroom with earth tone feel

Presenting the concept of earthy tone interior in the bathroom has become very popular lately. Walls with ceramics are characteristic of modern interiors. The combination of beige color with blue ceramic ornaments makes the bathroom atmosphere feel cooler.

Cozy kitchen and dining area with wooden ornaments

The interior of the house with earthy tone can also be applied in the dining room and kitchen. The inspiration of the kitchen that blends to the dining room is dominated by wooden material ornaments that give a warmer look. So you will feel at home hanging out with your family in this room.

Comfortable TV room with earthy colors

By presenting beautiful accessories in the TV room is able to embellish the look of the room. Add trinkets in the form of cushions to folding rattan chairs and also some greenery decorations for a cooler atmosphere of the room.

Comfortable bedroom with earthy touch

Switch in a beautifully designed bedroom with touch of earth tone. You can apply wood colors to the use furniture to give a natural impression and look more integrated with nature. Use curtains with nude colors to provide a homey interior atmosphere.

Well that's "5 best earth tone  ideas that are worth to try" that you can apply at home. Hopefully this article is useful and can be one of the references for you.

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Hopefully this article is useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans.

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