5 Amazing Pink Interiors House Designs


Homiful.com -- One of the favorite color choice is pink. Sometimes a lot of people judge pink to be unattractive. But it turns out that with a good design, the design of the house with shades of pink even displays an elegant and cool impression simultaneously.
Pink color is also known for its soft and soothing color. For your reference, this time we will share "5 amazing pink interiors house designs" that you can apply at home easily!

Gorgeous kitchen with a touch of pink

Kitchen interior with a touch of pink color of course in addition to providing a beautiful appearance as well as as comfort. The combination of pink an white makes this kitchen look more spacious and elegant. That way, the atmosphere of cooking to gather with family will feel fun, right?

Cool rooftop garden with transparent roof

Gardening activities do not have to be in a large area, if you have a rooftop area, you can turn it into a beautiful garden. By utilizing potted media, this plant also looks neater and also organized. The garden is protected by a transparent roof that allows sunlight to still enter, so that plants will still thrive.

Comfortable bedroom with a touch of pink

Pink color is the most suitable color applied in the bedroom. Because in addition to creating a warm and calming atmosphere also gives a beautiful room look. So it will improve the quality of your sleep more pleasant.

A mix of pink and white and gray colors in the living room

Combining pink, gray with white on the interior of the living room will make the room look more elegant and not excessive. A touch of pink gives a warmer and certainly homey impression.

Gorgeous dining room with pink interior

Dining room in addition to functioning as a place to eat with family is also one of the means to gather with family. Therefore, it is important to design this room to feel comfortable. A set of dining tables and and chairs with a touch of pink displays a beautiful impression in this room.

Well that's 5 amazing pink interiors house designs that you can apply at home. Hopefully this article is useful and can be one of the references for your.

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