Ways to Green a House With Limited Space

Ways to Green a House With Limited Space

Homiful.com -- Awesome garden design shaving a narrow house doesn't mean you can't go green. Generally, go-green house are characterized by the atmosphere obtained, both in the house and in the vicinity. The most recognizable characteristic is the presence of plants or vegetation. The existence of shady tress, various shrubs, fir plants, to potted plants become a mainstay in creating a beautiful atmosphere at home. With a garden, a house will feel comfortable to live in, especially during the summer.

Take advantage of the outdoor downstairs area


The first way you can do to make the house feel green even though this limited area can be tried. Make use of the bottom of stairs by putting various plant in pots and hangings. Change this area as a relaxing place, se bean bags and long benches to complete the relaxing atmosphere at home.

Create a minimalist garden around the house


The following effective way is to make use of the side terrace of the house. Create a small mini garden with ornamental grass as a cover of the land. You can plant one frangipani flower tree with its dense leaves to make the environment fresher and shady.

Choosing palm plants that cool the swimming pool


If you include love swimming activities up to almost 3 times a week. There needs to be a way to make the pool area feel cool fresh and not hot.
You can choose plants that choose many leaves and can make the bottom scope feel shady. Although selected in a small area, use a media pot if there is not place anymore.

Take advantage of the small terrace in front of the house


Make your home a comfortable place to hang out with family and friends. Can start from the room interior or give the environment feels fresh with greening.
Change the corner of the terrace to make it more beautiful, use the concept of terrace for healing space with a number of plants that are easy to care for with moisture that makes the plants more fertile.

Combine with fishponds


Will be fresher and cool even in small land if the garden in the house there is an element of water. You can combine fishponds with plants in the garden to make it fresher. Decorate with rocks in the pool area for a beautiful and more natural atmosphere.

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