Trick of Arranging the Interior of the House Feel Spacious

Trick of Arranging the Interior of the House Feel Spacious -- If you include a small size homeowner, getting around the interior to impress spacious needs to be done. In addition to providing a spacious terrace room, activities in the house will be more comfortable with less furniture and does not feel full. Well some tricks you can do to make the space in the small house feels spacious and fun to enjoy.

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Using the concept of open plan

If you have one of the living rooms with a small size, the concept of open plan is very appropriate to try. You can use the shape of the sofa model L that is exposed does not take up space and gives more space.
Minimalist interior can also help the impression of leisure so that the activity is more comfortable.

Vertical accented wall motif

One to get around or try trick that can give the room a wide impression is to change the wall motif with vertical accents. This you can do in a room that is small in size. And use simple furniture that is not excessive. Set the lighting with the room window in the from of plain glass without curtains.

Kitchen set model L

Since the kitchen becomes the most important place in the house, then the interior if the kitchen need to be noticed. Ranging form size. shape of kitchen set to interior used.
Well to start activities in the kitchen comfortably, considering the size needs to be done in order to make the activity more enjoyable. You can use the model kitchen set L that can minimize activities in the kitchen comfortably. Well in order to make the space does not feel stuffy, apply windows to regulate circulation feels smooth and fresh.

Dining room with minimalist furniture

Tricks to arrange the room in the house to feel spacious following in the dining room select. If the size is small, the dining room you need to place near the kitchen with the concept of open plan to minimize space and save more space.
In addition, you can use the furniture of a set of dining tables that are minimalist white and Scandinavia style. Complete with aesthetic decorations such as chandeliers in the middle of the room to wall decorations with trinkets.

Featuring luxurious interiors for small bathrooms

Although the size of this bathroom is small and looks narrow. Investigate with trick on the wall. Using luxurious granite motif ceramics, this bathroom feels as comfortable. Complete with shower and toilet ass facilities. So that the bathroom remains modern and suitable for use.

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