This Captivating Split-Level House may be the House You are Dreaming For! -- Now, the narrowness of the land is no longer an excuse not to be able to create a large space in the house. One way to outsmart limited space is to use a split-level design. A split-level house design allows you to have additional space in the house without the need to expand the land. For those of you who are interested in applying a similar style to the design of your dream home, you can see the inspiration of a split-level house with a  modern style and fit for your urban life.

Modern Split-Level House Design

The construction of split-level houses is more complicated than ordinary houses. This is because we need detailed calculations to create connectors at different heights. Make sure you choose the right architect services so that your house stand strong with a split-level design. 

For split-level home decor, a simple decor and neat layout are the hallmarks of modern home design. The combination of bright neutral colors, such as white and beige will give a modern and bright impression. The interior of your home can be more beautiful by adding a window so that the room gets enough sunlight.

Simple is Good

With a neat arrangement and right decoration, this house looks beautiful. Empty corners are used to place a stacking shelves. This shelf is used as a place to display decorative ornaments in this area. A round mirror is added to make the illusion of space appear more spacious and airy.

Open Plan Concept for Spacious Impression

This area also applies the concept of open plan by uniting the dining room with the living room's space. The inter-space divider uses a visual barrier, in the form of a difference in the color and materials of furniture between the two spaces. The result is that the room feels more spacious and open.

Neatly Arranged Kitchen

Although limited in terms of land, don't let the kitchen look messy. The kitchen can also look neat and attractive with a slick arrangement.  Make sure all kitchen utensils are in place, so that the kitchen always looks neat and clean.  No need to add additional shelves if it is not so necessary. Choose a kitchen set design with similar colors to the furniture in other rooms, so the kitchen can be seen as  a part of this split-level home design.

Safe and Comfy Stair Design

Building a stair on a split-level home also requires to be detailed and precise calculations. Make sure the steps are not too steep to make the footsteps feel comfortable. Complete with railing stairs to make it safer. Without much decor, the house features vertical on the railings of the stairs, which makes the house look modern and safe.

The Additional Space

Additional space in the design of a split-level house can be used for a variety of function, such as workspace, TV room or reading room. For the decoration of the additional space is up to you. But, avoid putting small decorations on the floor area to give you larger space. Small decorations can be placed on the table to complete the look of the room.


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