Space Saving Loft Designs for Modern Homes -- Nowadays, as the land decreases, house buildings also begin to lean to a vertical shape. Most houses today have a higher shape than the width one. One of the alternatives that is now starting to be widely looked at by urban communities is the application of the concept of loft-shaped interior design.

The design of this loft building is almost similar to the mezzanine elements in the modern-style interior design. With the 1st floor area and 2nd floor separated by stairs. Usually, the distance from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor is less than three meters.

Loft design can be applied to houses or apartment studios. Find out convenient loft design inspiration through some following design inspirations!

Cozy and Homey Loft design

Although the size is small, but the proper arrangement makes the design of this loft apartment look so aesthetic. All-wood furniture gives a touch of natural element that makes the room feel warmer and cozy. Last but not least, by adding chandeliers with a contemporary shapes that makes this room look so comfortable and beautiful at the same times.

Spacious Loft Design

The design of this loft houses feels spacious with a space without bulkhead and looks airy with high ceilings. The roof is equipped with skylights that will keep the room bright during the day, while at night you can see the beautiful night sky in your loft room. 

Monochrome Loft Design

Don't be surprised if you come across an apartment loft design filled with monochrome colors. This is because loft design is a design that was born from a former industrial building so that the interior design will also look like an industrial house design. The all-monochrome industrial theme will look more visually rich by adding patterned floors in one or more spaces.

Aesthetic Loft Design

Most loft houses are indeed made for space-saving. So, you will find the bedroom, kitchen and living room in the same area. Although it is relatively small, but you can still put decorations. Make use of the walls to display the decorations. Put some plants on the sides of the room to bring a fresh atmosphere in the room.


A Cozy Loft Room

You can also add color accents to furniture such as dining chairs, pillows, sofa and some throws. It will make your loft residence look cooler and stylish. Make the most of the space, for example by putting an open wardrobe under the loft bed.

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