On Floor Mattress Design That Will Make You Sleep Easily

Homiful.com -- Floor beds or low beds design is quite popular in Asian countries. This is not very surprising considering the low bed also has some benefits. The most commonly heard is for economic reasons and use less space. Surely, buying a bed frame will increase expenses and take up some space. But using a mattress on the floor can be useful: it can reduces back pain and improve blood circulation. 

So, if you're kinda interest in floor bed or low be design that will make you sleep easily. Check out the inspirational on floor mattress below:

On Floor Mattress Design for Studio Apartment

Living in a studio apartment requires you to be better at arranging the rooms. If the size is the studio apartment is small, it can be prepared by choosing on floor mattress design. Next to it, you can also put a low sofa bed, which can be put together when your bestie stays with you. 

On Floor Mattress for Little Girl's Bedroom

On floor mattress are actually better for a little kid. It's a less scary, and you don't have to worry they'll get hurt from falling off a high bed frame. For little girl's bedroom, you can pick a bedsheet  in more pastel colors to give a warm atmosphere in the room. Add flower-shaped lamps on the table to accompany their sleep.

On Floor Mattress for Small Bedroom

On floor mattress is especially perfect for small bedroom design. It won't take up lots of space. Don't need a lot of decoration, just change the bedsheet in more vibrant color and pattern to make the room look so lively.

On Floor Mattress with Visual Decorations

When you put the mattress on the floor, then it's worth putting the decoration vertically up. The visual decoration often reaches toward the ceiling. For example, by layering the wall with vertical pattern wallpaper, it will give the illusion of spacious and height room.

On Floor Mattress in Warm Shades

Some people worry that putting a mattress on the floor will make sleep feel colder. This can be overcome by putting warm rug under the mattress or  using wooden floor, such as vinyl or parquet floors. Earthy tone decoration and furniture also can help give a calm and warm atmosphere of the room.

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