Living Room Makeover On Budget -- Renovation of the living room you can do because the living room becomes the leading room n the house. By doing renovations, you can make the room according to your character. The idea of renovating the living room can be started by decorating the room as beautifully as possible.

Do it simply without much cost. With the ability and creativity that you will have a comfortable living room and of course beautiful. You can renovate the living room without spending a lot of money with the following tips.

Living room with carpets for a warmer atmosphere

by : @diah_nursusanti

To make the living room warmer, you can add carpets. No need for large ones, adjust to the space of the room. In addition to creating a warmer atmosphere. the living room can a comfortable place that makes your guest feel at home.

The living room feels cool with plants

by : @evita_laz

The presence of plants is one of the renovation ideas that you can aplly easily at hpme. Besides being able to make your living too much fresher, this plant can also beautify te appearance. Place the plants at the corner of the room and also add smaller plants on the table.

Homey simple living room ideas

by : @lidyapuspitasari

For a more homey living room atmosphere, you can add a cushion with a cover with beautiful motifs. Some of the neatly arranged cushions become an attraction for those who see it. Combine with macrame decorations on the walls for a more stunning look.

Charming living room with the use of functional shelves

by : @rumah_mini_maitra

The use of shelves in the living room in addition to helping to save more space, can also save cost because it has a cheaper price. Make use of this shelf to place several collections at once as a charming living room decoration

Gorgeous living room with letter L sofa

by : @sindy_esphe

The focal point of this living room is the use of sofa shaped letter L. This sofa is a modern minimalist style a stunning peach color. Also add some cushions to create a comfortable atmosphere of the room. A touch of wood material on the coffee table gives a warm atmosphere to the room.

Well that's some inspiring living room makeover on a budget that you can apply at home. From some of the designs above, which is your favorite living room?

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Author : Hafsah

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