How to Grow Areca Palm Indoor?

How to Grow Areca Palm Indoor? -- Planting palm areca right to be placed in a location that has good drainage. In addition, the soil moisture can also be adjusted with no exaggeration. Because palm plants areca that have a high enough humidity can make the roots quickly rot. As we know, this areca palm plant has a fairly easy treatment with high resistance to get sunlight. One of them you can put this plant outdoors. Well if you are still lazy to plant plants outdoor, the interior of the house could be the place to place these areca palm plants. This is what will be share for you how to take care of palm trees areca in the house easily.

Soil moisture 


The first thing you should pay attention to when you areca palm in the room is, mix peat-based soil that has more content, natural and perfect for plants, In addition, you also need to repair the soil by providing a little acid good for the growth process. If necessary, you can add compost soil for better content. Be sure to water this plant regularly and not excessively to maintain good soil moisture.

Natural lighting


Even if you put this areca palm plant indoors, be sure to provide enough sunlight. One of them is by using a glass space window to facilitate the process of photosynthesis. Because of too often exposed to the afternoon sun directly, the leaves of this plant can turn dry. So it is most appropriate if this plants is in the space to place in the south or west window.

Do the watering as necessary


Because palm plants areca is not fond excessive water inertia, you can do watering on this plant if the soil is dry only. This can help soil moisture in plants will be slightly moist. And remember not to get too wet, because it is so sensitive that is can cause root rot.

Good temperature and humidity settings


The next way you can take care of this areca palm plant is to give and average temperature of 65 to 75 fahrenheit. Besides being good for in plants in the garden, be sure not to make the outdoor temperature drop below 50 fahrenheit. If you choose palm plant areca for indoor plants, keep this plants form air conditioning and also the heat source directly. The moisture of this plants is very good at high levels so it will make this palm areca look good. This plant can also adjust to the normal room temperature, but if the air feels dry eating the tip of the leaves will turn brown.



Areca palm plants are plants that require fertilizer from spring to autumn. One of them with liquid fertilizer you can do as in the packaging instructions. You don't have to give fertilizer to this plant in late autumn and winter because it is not active.

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