How to Create a Room Interior With Dark Colors for Any Space

How to Create a Room Interior With Dark Colors for Any Space -- Often black color is categorized with gloomy and scary colors. Still considered with a small impression for the room and feels claustrophobic. Whereas with the right design and decoration black colors is suitable for all area with different combinations. 

Dark colors for interior space would be great for those lovers of eclectic decorations. Some ways interior space with black color will be shared for you that can be spoken for various space.

Use a more compact space pattern

Should not include all patterns is the interior of the room is dark. Enough with carpets, as well as functional decorations such as shelves, A living room like this would be nice. 
Furniture savings also need to be done so as not add a full impressed space. Adjust the window blinds with a window curtain that can be opened at any time.

Select the right space to enter black

You have to be sure in the selection if space with dark colors. If not sure could be the room will seem monotonous and will be gloomy.
Use a room that is minimalist and has a high functional like living room.
This would be suitable if filled cinema to gather with beloved family.

Create a bedroom balance

With contrasting dark colors, you can divide the balance of the space by adding some bright colors. Such as using natural wood elements, as well as adding fresh ornamental plants.
Do not ignore the lighting in the room to avoid the impression of gloomy and scary.

Don't forget to energize in a dark room

Basically have a dark room is quite difficult in the arrangement or selection of other interior. You can try to apply shiny finishing on some parts. 
Such as iron as a hanger or shower for bathing. Provide  decorations of the ceiling of the room with a natural brown wood ceiling.

Add beautiful architectural details

Have a dark interior with a small size such as this bathroom need creativity in its arrangement. You can start on the wall by applying details such as textured exposed cement. Simple room details like this can add to the interest of the owner not to easily feel bored.

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