Soothing Purple Home Vibe with Neat Arrangement -- There are several ways to make the house feel calm and pleasant.  One of them is by relying on shades in your house.  You can choose a purple shade that has a calm and refreshing look. Check out the reviews below, for some tips on making a calm and happy home.

Combine to purple and greenery

For the design of the facade of the house, we can choose the color of purple paint for the pillars and exterior walls. The area outside the house is also beautified by the exterior walls of natural stone that make the house feel fresher. Put some greenery to give a quite and pleasant outdoor atmosphere.

All-purple kitchen appliances, why not?

If you've chosen a specific color theme, make it a benchmark for kitchen decorating ideas. The purple color theme will make the kitchen look soothing and graceful. You can choose all-purple kitchen furniture, until the table curtains with a very sweet purple color.

Pay attention to the lighting in your room

A calm and comfortable rooms will be heavily influenced by the air circulation and lighting in the room. As much as possible provide adequate access to air and light. For example, by installing a window in the bedroom. A window will transfer the sunlight and make the room look bright, cook and fresh.

Add life to your bedroom

Greenery is proven to give a calming effect to anyone who sees it. So, it's not wrong if you put the greenery in your room. The greenery will provide tranquility and freshness at the same time. Even plants can be an element of room decoration that is fun to see.

Semi open laundry room

Doing activities with water is more comfortable to do outdoors. For that, we can design a laundry room in a semi-outdoor model. Washing clothes will feel fresher with the wind blowing from the backyard. Just make sure, the waterways are arranged correctly so as not to make the floor so muddy and slippery.

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