Home Interior Design with Shades of Pink and Greenery

Homiful.com -- In fact, the pink and green colors of plants can blend well in an interior design. Somehow, two colors, fresh green and soft pink, make the room look very attractive. Both can be focal points of the room but do not overlap.  You can adapt the interior design of the house below, to combine pink and green colors. Just keep reading for Home Interior Design with Shades of Pink and Greenery, below:

Living room design

This living room is decorated with a diverse combination of pastel pink and greenery. The pink things that look so soft, when it is approached with fresh green leaves, also makes this living room feel brighter, fresher and also soothing. The pink things is maximized in the use of soft furnishing, while the selected plants tend to have small leafy, so as not to make the room look messy.

Make the most of the walls

For small rooms, use the vertical side to make your room look more beautiful. For example, by installing a floating shelves on the wall to display some decorations. Create a custom buffer to display your bird's-nest fern.

Soft furnishing in pink pastel

A great way to introduce pastel color is on soft furnishing. You can pick a patterned rug in soft pink color, pink tablecloth, cushion and throws in pink pastel colors. These pink colors make your living room look sweet and soothing.

Chinese money plant on the living room

Chinese money plants or Pilea Peperomioides have bright green leaves that can pamper the eyes. Although the shapes of the leaves is very simple, but they look so elegant. Each leaf is like a floating leaf on a small-looking steam. 

The Chinese Money Plant include small plants, this plant is very suitable to be placed on the table, for example a work desk so that someone who is working can feel fresh when looking at the unique and beautiful green leaves.

Smart arrangement is need for small kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, be sure to set it up appropriately so that it's not too full and stuffy. For example, equip the kitchen set with stacking racks and floating shelves for place efficiency. Then you can decorate your tiny kitchen with kitchen appliances in pink colors.

Vine plants in the kitchen

There is no harm if you put vines in the kitchen. You can put devil's ivy or golden photos on a floating shelf. The leaves will grow dangling to enliven the look of this kitchen. Besides that, these plants can help eliminate the smell of smoke and purify the air.

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