General Consideration in Living Room Design

General Consideration in Living Room Design -- Living room is very important space in home, moreover when a lot of guest come to your home at special moments such as your birthday, Thanksgiving Day. Christmas, and New Year. Thus, no wonder that a lot of people seek new furniture to change the look of their interior to be more comfortable and trendy. The following are three important consideration when designing your living room to be a comfortable space in your home.

Proper living room setup


Before designing the living room appropriately. The first thing you do is set up a living room. You can put in the first area when entering the house to maintain the privacy of family members. If carrying the concept of open plan.
Use the divider between the two room to keep each family member and guest at your convenience.

Sofa and Tables


The choice of sofas and table should be adjusted to the design and theme of the overall design of your home, whether your home is in a modern minimalist, classis European, or traditional style.



You also need to consider the lighting in the living room. Lights play an important role to the look of your entire living room. We recommended that before buying the lights, you search the type of the lamp first. You can do this type of the lamp catalogs, or browsing the internet. But if you want to create an antique atmosphere in the living room, it would be perfect if your choose old-fashioned or antique lamps too. You kind fins this kind of lamp at traditional markets or markets which sell antique them.



Another important thing to note is your ornaments or decorations in the living room. The decor in the living room should mot be too much because it can make the room feels so crowded and seems messy and chaotic. Therefore, you have to be wise in choosing and what is right to display in the living room.



One of the important parts in the decorations of the living room is the use of windows. Very influential for the impression of the breadth of a room, the living room has different atmosphere to gather. Then it's good if your use large windows to make the illusion of space look spacious and fresher.

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