Decorate with Pastel Accessories: A Step to Make Your Home Sweeter -- Pastel colors are different! A variety of pastel colors provide a soft and soothing  room effect, ranging from Robin's egg blues, creamy mint greens, soothing lavender, cute baby pinks and more. There are many ways to apply pastel colors in your home. You can make it as the main residential theme, by applying pastel colors on the wall paint, floor to your furniture.

On the other hand, you can also apply pastel accessories as accents that beautify the room in your home. This method is fairly easier and does not make your house look monotonous in pastel colors. A variety of pastel accessories will be the highlight of the room and make the room look more vibrant. So, keep reading for a step to make your home sweeter with pastel accessories.


A touch of Robin's blue egg in the living room

 In general, this living room takes a monochrome theme as the main visual theme. This can be seen from the use of white and gray colors on the majority of furniture. So, to make the living room look more alive you can incorporate pastel into your living room by choosing a stool and side table in Robin's egg blue  shade. The presence of yellow pineapple-shaped room lights also adds its own uniqueness in this living room.

Make use of the walls

Create walls as a place to display your graphic decorations. You can display anything into it. Arrange the graphic decoration with the right layout and proportions, to give a visual appealing to your living room. Although full of monochrome shade, but the presence of pastel accessories makes this living room still look lively and beautiful.

Soothing Lavender on the Walls

Painting is the most noticeable way to use pastel in your home. You can start with one accent wall in a lavender paint. A single wall in lavender paint will give you a soothing feeling. You can make the wall as special space to display a family photo.

Use Pink Baby Pink in Decorations

The owner of this house arranges the room quite neatly, the room looks airy and clean. The use of glass doors also allows the room to look more spacious. Because it is a clean enough, it takes a color that can make it look more characterful. Pastel pink color options are applied to decorations near the TV to make the room look sweet and adorable. 

Enliven the wall with more pastel vibe

This might be the most stunning idea that you can apply into your room. But to do so you also need more effort to collect wall decorations in pastel colors. The results seemed so promising.  Even with an irregular arrangement it gives a charming visual appeal. 

Small garden in more pastel colors

Green garden is refreshing, but when added with pastel shades it will give a fresher and unique garden visual appealing. On a budget? No problem, to create a garden with pastel shades, you can repaint the hanging pots in pastel colors,  repaint the outdoor seating in pink pastel color, and add wall sticker in cute baby pink color.

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