Create The Look - Relaxing and Simple Tropical Style Interior and Exterior Design -- Have you ever heard of tropical style interior design? Tropical style is all about style characterized by cozy and soothing, most color are taken from natural elements such as the vegetation, sea, sky, mountain and more. It's not really hard to create tropical style interior and exterior design. You don't have to decorate your home with so many elements of nature that make your home look like a jungle (although, actually it's okay if you want to). But, if you want a simpler tropical house design, try looking at this review about relaxing and simple tropical style interior and exterior design. Check the full review below!

Beautiful tiny terrace

Entering the area of the house and greeted with a small and beautiful terrace, will certainly feel more pleasant. At least, that'll make your stress less, compared to seeing a plain, unkempt terrace. Create the look of tropical vibe by decorating your terrace with more plants. Make the most of terrace roof by putting dangling plants that liven up the atmosphere on the terrace.

Simple kitchen with tropical mood

Believe me, choosing a tropical concept can make the kitchen feel fresher. Tropical kitchen concept is not the same as you have to present a kitchen full of dense plants like in a shady forest. You can add houseplants in some corner of the kitchen or simply just add accessories such as refrigerator sticker with tropical plant style.

Small tropical master bedroom design

Tropical-style rooms don't have to be filled with plants. Natural nuances such as mountains and blue skies can be presented in your bedroom. You can minimize the decoration of the room, so that your bedroom does not feel crowded and stuffy. Use bright tropical-themed bed linen to serve as room decoration. The plain walls are decorated with natural paintings in colors that make the mood feel relaxing and soothing. 

Vinyl flooring that can't be missed

Vinyl flooring is proven to make the room feel warmer, more comfortable and welcoming. So, it is only natural that vinyl flooring is used as a floor in the living room area in a tropical style. The floor that already looks slick and glossy is very suitable combined with plain walls.  And don't forget to decorate the space with more plants. 

Bring more plants into your tropical walls

Make the most of the wall by making it as extra additional storage. You can display your collection by installing a floating shelf. As tips, you can change the houseplant with the artificial ones. This is due to the floating shelves may not be able to accept heavy loads. So, it's okay to put the artificial ones to minimize the risk of falling objects. Besides that, the artificial plants also can bring the tropical vibe into the room.

Outdoor Laundry Room

Fresh and tropical laundry room become more fun, when it's made outdoor. Decorate the laundry room with plants to enliven the space. Plants purify the air and make space green. Soil elements such as expose bricks and earthenware are the perfect blend for tropical styles.

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