Classy and Cheerful Accent Pink Interior Ideas


Classy and Cheerful Accent Pink Interior Ideas -- Pink becomes one of the colors that is associated with femininity and tends to be very female. Such things will be realized in the interior of the room of any size. No problem it's the living room, bathroom or kitchen. You can pick up pink accents for some specific point. The room with pink accented is very helpful impression spacious, luxurious look and more pleasant. And this is the inspiration of pink accents that you can try apply in the interior of the room.

Open plan living room

The use of pink accents for the interior of the house this time looks so dominant but you can use pink for some areas only. One o them is for cushion accents or in the decorations. Not only pink accents that can change the look of the interior is more charming. You can choose a light gray sofa to produce a charming and classy interior.

Kitchen with pink accent furniture

Although the kitchen set this time does not appear to have pink accents in some areas. You can try accents by applying them to cook. Such as spatulas, bowls to important elements in the kitchen. Combine other with white or black to give a neutral and elegant look.

Between the dining room and the living room

This combination of one rooms looks barley using pink accents that are placed on some equipment. This pink dining table mat can be combined with white. Other decorations you can see clearly in the window area that installs soft pink transparent curtains to make it more classy.

Dining table furniture

In this dining table area, pink accents for some furniture you can try to use. Carpet as a base with pink color you can try to combine with the selection of a set of minimalist white dining table. To make the impression spacious, you can use a mirror for the illusion of space to make it more spacious. And light reflection can make the dining atmosphere warmer to gather.

Minimalist bedroom

Pink accent for feminine impression in this room are not so dominant. Although only placed on the wall as decorations material you can try with new combinations such as blankets or pink bed covers. In addition, another effective way that is easy to do to make a pink-accented room is in the wall area

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