Bring Rustic Eclectic Style to Your Interior Home Decor

Bring Rustic Eclectic Style to Your Interior Home Decor -- Eclectic rustic interior decoration today there are many interior design styles that combine natural elements and modern elements. If you feel less comfortable in a minimalist style, try to choose a rustic eclectic style. This style could be an alternative for those who do not want a minimalist natural style. The impression created by this interior style is similar to the natural minimalist style. It's just this modern concept does not only focus on functionality but also on beauty. Eve when you look at it more closely, you will find there is a classic element in it. In this eclectic interior design, bright colors are the base colors of the wall. White or beige look very dominant. It is also the same with the furniture color in which bright and neutral colors become the most dominant color. To give a natural and warm impression, real wood color be used. These colors can be used on tables, cabinets or flooring.

Living room


There is actually no set of rules about the flooring in an eclectic interior design. You do not to have to use a specific type of flooring. But to give a natural impression, you can choose wood floor. The color of the wood created a unique balance between the walls, ceiling and floor. Wood floor reinforces, the impression of a warm rustic eclectic style. To enhance the touch o elegance and warm, you can ad a rug on the wooden floor.

The selection of furniture also becomes a crucial consideration. You have to adjust it to the design of the room that has been created. Consider the color of the wall, ceilings and floors that have been applied. It is also necessary to think about the furniture shape. It is suggested that you choose classic furniture yet not the complicated ones.

Eclectic living room 


Furniture that fits perfectly with the eclectic rustic style is the one containing wooden element. Wooden tables and wooden chairs could be the right choice. However, you should choose furniture that has a modern design. To make the furniture look more attractive, you can choose those with two colors. It would be better if your use the combination of wood color and white.

Stylish dining room


Next place it the dining room. With pastel, dark and slightly brighter color combinations can give you an eclectic style in the dining room. Wooden chairs repainted in pink colors make the look consistent, so you only need lighting from the window of the room. To make it more charming, wall decorations can be changed with an amazing look of the eyes.

Minimalist living room


Without the need for excessive decoration, the use of rustic eclectic for some of the above living rooms you can apply to different impression. Well the following living room adds a geometric touch that can give the side of the room looks more dimensional. You can combine with some contrasting colors such as green for sofa space or rustic impression on the wall with dry plant.

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