7 Vertical Garden Planters You Can Make at Home!

7 Vertical Garden Planters You Can Make at Home!

Homiful.com -- For those of you who have a farm at home with a small land, the solution to make vertical garden you can try to apply. This is very effective to make your land well organized even by utilizing walls or something vertical. Well there area several ways that you can try to apply at home to create a beautiful vertical garden and refresh the environment.

Simple way with walls and hooks


One of the first areas that can be used to make vertical garden is the terrace of the house. Use the walls to place vines or just ornamental plants with strong hooks. You can choose similar plants to give a beautiful impression neat and fresh. This is one of the simplest ways you can do it at home to display a beautiful and stylish terrace.

Create a living wall


Plants for the outer wall or inside the house you can make a refreshing living accent. Can be all over the house, you can make use of the empty walls and make such a beautiful design more beautiful that the garden. You can also choose ornamental plants to make these vertical plants around the house. To make lighting from the sun easier, choose a place that has an easy area to reach the sun and facilitate the growth process. 

Select the plant that dangles down


One of the tips to make a beautiful vertical garden at home is to choose plants that dangle down. Like this garden area that chooses orchid plants with leaves dangling down. The treatment is quite easy can be a collection for your turtle ornamental plants of this type.

Use strong hooks or hanging plants


Besides choosing the right plants for vertical garden at home, you can first try the equipment that will be used. One of them with an iron frame that you can get directly with the plant pot. Don't forget to choose the right plants for the vertical garden concept of an attractive garden.

Different concept with hanging pots in the corner of the room


The next way you can try to create a vertical garden in the home environment this time look different. In the corner of the room using hanging pots arranged 4 and below.

Vertical garden inside the house


Besides outdoors, apply vertical garden in the house you can apply to make the atmosphere fresher and shooting. Although simple, the way that you can make vertical garden is to make use of the walls of the room as seen. Or by choosing vines that have leaves like hair and dangle down. Don't forget to give natural lighting form the window area to help plant growth easier.

Create a simple design and fit the interior of the house


Well if you have land in the house even though the size is not so large, this simple vertical garden design you can try to apply. One of them fills the plants in the wall area and chooses a light plant to see. Usually vertical garden plants in the house tend to be in a place close to the light, so this is very helpful growth and not busy to put it outdoors.

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