7 Living Room Trends to Try At Home

Homiful.com -- Do you feel your living room is boring? Look around the living room. Maybe there is some furniture that is too worn and so last season. Or perhaps another cause is the arrangement of the living room that is too ordinary, so it does not give any impression to you personally and even the visiting guest. 

If you think these condition is a problem, it's time you tried to apply the latest living room trends. So, here it discovers the top living room trends that you can easily try at home.

Neutral color scheme


Bold colors like red, purple, and pop pink sometimes make you easily bored, and those colors are not easy to mix and match with other colors and ornaments. Try switching to neutral color again.

Neutral colors are again becoming a popular living room color trend. This color can display a refreshing feel with a clean and plain palette. You can combine with other color elements, for example arranging photo frames neatly in a warm scheme color to give a warm touch in the living room.

Down to Earth Scheme


Earthy shades such as brown, olive green and dark yellow began to take over the decor of the living room this year. Even with the earthy shades you can more easily apply a vintage style to your living room. 

Luxurious Furniture


In recent years, minimalist trends have become a popular style.  Minimalist concept carries a lot of furniture with a sleek and space-saving design. But if that's not your style, you don't have to follow it. Instead, you can put furniture with a luxurious impression on the living room. For example, choose a large sofa with an elegant shape and equipped with carvings that look luxurious.

A statement rug


Lining the hard floor with soft rugs can provide comfort and warmness. This rug trend comes with bright colors and large-scale pattern that create a statement or focal point in the room.


Outdoor Living Room


If you run out space to design a living room, just move the living room sofa to the outdoors and make it as an outdoor living room. In addition to space-saving the area, the outdoor living room also provides a fresh atmosphere compared to the usual living room.


Bring the outside inside


This year's trend still carries the theme of nature will remain sustainable, namely the use of houseplants as an element of room decoration. Large leafy plants that add tranquility sense, you can relax even in the living room. 

The blue living room


The blue color perfectly gives a sense of calm and comfort. It also gives you an elegant look that can't compare with others. You can choose sofas and other furniture in blue. Make sure the wall and floor colors are in a more neutral color. Thus, this blue color becomes the focal that attracts the eye.

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