7 Bright Ideas for Colourful Kitchens

Homiful.com -- Have you ever feel tired, when looking at your kitchen in neutral colors, such as white, gray, natural brown and so on? If yes is your answer. Maybe it's time you replaced the whole kitchen themed with a more colorful look. A colorful kitchen can improve the mood, while you're cooking. Bright colors will also make you feel happier, rather than neutral colors that sometimes give you an overly calm kitchen feel and make you feel lonely.

We recommended you to try to see some of brightly colored kitchen ideas, that we've summarized. These ideas will magically change the look of your gloomy kitchen into the bright and cheerful kitchen.

Try the bright yellow cheerful color


Yellow symbolizes optimism, energy, joy and happiness. That's why, try the  yellow color on your kitchen design. This will make your kitchen brighter and radiate the cheerful feelings. Pick pieces of yellow furniture that have some pattern on it, to make the kitchen look more adorable. 

Elegant blue and white kitchen


Navy blue and white are the perfect color combination for a colorful kitchen. It makes the kitchen looks elegant and classy. In the cabinet details, the golden cabinet handle design make this kitchen look so lux (even on a small kitchen).

Keep it bright


Kitchens that look naturally bright will be more eye-friendly, so cooking will feel more comfortable and pleasant. Always make sure there's a window or skylight to light up your kitchen space during the day. Besides that, the combination of orange and white will give you such a happy vibe into the kitchen. 

The sweet pink kitchen


Pink symbolizes the affection, friendship and harmony. Pink also represent sugar and space and everything that nice. So, you never go wrong with the pink kitchen. It's not really difficult to create a sweet pink kitchen. White is the best pair with any kind of pink shade. So, pick the pink cabinet and white counter top and white-pink backsplash. And your sweet pink kitchen is ready to use.


Go fresh with green and plants in the kitchen


Green color has always been associated with freshness. So, it's a good idea to apply green to your kitchen. In the kitchen with green wall paint, choose kitchen set and kitchen appliances in white. This is so that the green color does not look excessive and looks more balanced contrast. Add some plants to give your kitchen a natural freshness.

Colorful cabinet


Adding colors to the kitchen doesn't have to be done excessively. Just copy the kitchen in the picture above. Colorful things are only done on the kitchen cabinet and bar stool. Although it just a little, but  it has been able to add interesting color accents in the kitchen.

All-purple kitchen


Adding colors to the kitchen doesn't have to be done excessively but if it's to your taste, just do it. Like an all-purple kitchen on the picture above. From floor to ceiling is filled with shades of purple. It's just that a little white accent is added to make it not look so flashy.

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