6 Smart Ways to Use Yellow in Your Home

Homiful.com -- The color will greatly affect the atmosphere and feel of the home. If you want to have a room that looks brighter and cheerful, you can give a yellow accent to your interior design. Interior design with yellow accents exudes positive energy and fun, which can keep your mood happy.

If you are kinda interested in applying yellow color to the interior and exterior of your home. Just try to take a look of a full review about how to make a yellow home look so good. Let's check out the review below!

Yellow and white are the perfect combination

White work well to balance the bright yellow things. You can make white as the base color, while the yellow color act as the accent of the home. For example, on a white exterior wall add yellow paint at some angles to provide a nice contrast into your exterior.

White, black and yellow combination, why not?

The yellow color also looks good combined with neutral and dark colors such as white and black. The yellow things give a bright and fresh impression on these colors. It's not really hard to design a kitchen in yellow color. Pick the kitchen appliances in yellow color, such as curtain, cooking tools up to some kitchen decorations. The yellow stuff will sweeten the look of your kitchen.

Yellow sofa for comfy and fun living room

If you don't want the living room to feel stiff, then applying yellow to your living room can be an option. Choose oversized furniture, such as sofas in yellow, to make the living room feel more relaxed and pleasant.


Yellow Stuff and Pattern

Try adding mustard-yellow curtains to the window and simple sunny yellow throws to give the room a brighter and more cheerful and look. Liven up the feel of the room by applying patterns to the bedroom wallpaper.

A yellow floating shelf

Make the most of the wall as an additional storage area in your laundry room. One of them is by making the floating shelf in yellow.

Simple yellow thing

What kind of yellow thing can you put in the toilet? You can put any decoration in yellow inside the toilet. If it's small, just place a few yellow accents in small number to make it look more attractive.

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