6 Modern Indoor Plant Ideas


Homiful.com -- The trend of collecting plants became very popular this years. You can make the house more beautiful with ornamental plants that will certainly be an awesome sight. In addition, indoor plants also bring a beautiful atmosphere to a residence.

There are various type of indoor ornamental plants that your can put at home. Many benefits that you can feel in the presence of plants in a house. Then what are the recommendations of indoor plants that are suitable for your home? Let's take a look at some of the following recommendations.

Beautiful indoor plants in the corner of the room

by : @detikapatra

The first recommendation of indoor plants is plants that we have often encountered. This Sansevieria plant is still one of the favorite plants in this year. Because this plant is known for its easy care and also resistant in a variety of conditions. Because of its vertical shape this plants is suitable to be placed in the corner of the room.

The bedroom feels beautiful with Zamioculcas zamifola plants

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The way to make your bedroom feel comfortable is to bring greenery. A number of plants can be useful as air filters, a moderate odors that can affect our respiratory system. One of recommendations of pplants that are easy to maintain is Zamioculcas zamiola which is very easy to maintain. This plant can live live in dim light so it is suitable to be placed in your bedroom.

Beautiful plants in a minimalist living room

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Monstera is arguably one of the most popular plants among the people. This plant has a unique leaf shape so this plant is much desired and also has fairy expensive price. You can place this plant in your living room, so it will give the atmosphere of the room a cooler atmosphere. Guests who come to visit will feel at home.

Living room inspiration with stunning cactus plants

by : @nuy_home

Cactus plants can be placed anywhere in the house, because wherever cactus is located it is able to give the impression of more charming look, Place it on a rattan pot that will add an aesthetic impression to the dwelling.

Bathroom ideas with indoor plant decorations

by : @nuy_home

Don't let the corner of your bathroom room appear empty without any decoration. You can put some plants on a shelf that is placed in the corned of the room. Choose hanging plants that will beautify the look while giving the atmosphere of the room feels cooler

Gorgeous kitchen with plant decorations

by : @rayshabelqya

Choosing plants to complement your minimalist kitchen design should certainly be considered. You can choose plants that are easy maintain and do not require sunlight all the time. Suitable plants recommendations are Epipreminum aureum that is xposed to tough under any conditions and also has a very easy treatment.

Well that's six modern indoor plant ideas that have been summarized by Homiful.com. Hopefully this article can help you in determining the type of indoor plants that are suitable for your residence.

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