6 Indoor Plants Decor Living Room Ideas


Homiful.com -- The living room is a room that has an important role, because it is the first part that will be seen by guests who come to visit. There are various ways to decorate the living room to look charming, so that it will feel more comfortable.

One of them is by placing some ornamental plants in your living room. In addition to beautifying is also able to create a cool atmosphere of the room. Well, for reference, here are some examples of indoor plants that you can apply in your living room.

The living room fells cooler with Golden Pothos

by : @asrija_sri

Bringing greenery that creeps into the living room in addition to creating a more beautiful atmosphere, also gives a more attractive look. This plant is known as golden pothos, which gives your living room touch to look more beautiful. The treatment of this plant is very easy.

Gorgeous living room with plants in the corner of the room

by : @putriianggie

The next plant recommendation is a philodendron that we have often encountered as a decoration to beautify the loo of the room. This plant has a very unique and interesting leaf shape and size. So it is suitable to make the look of your living room even more stunning.

Beautiful living room with Sansevieria trifasciata

by : @rumahazkaa

One type of ornamental plants that are easy to maintain and useful for cleaning the air. It has an elongated or vertical shape, so it is suitable for you to place a narrow corner of the room. Place this plant in the right and avoid direct sunlight.

Minimalist living room with greenery decoration

by : @rumahnomnom

The greenery of ornamental plants can make the atmosphere of the room more beautiful and refreshing. This olive tree, looks beautiful combined with rattan pots. Olive tree is a small tree that is suitable to grow in the tropics and can adapt to erratic weather.

Fresh living room inspiration with Clorophytum comosum

by : @simpelrumah

Ornamental plants clorophytum comosum has a simple look, but still charming. The leaves are small, elongated with beautiful white edges. This plant is very suitable to be placed indoors and your do not have to water it all the time. Clorophytum comosum can also clean the air so it will make your living room feel fresher.

Living room ideas with charming ornamental plant decorations

by : @simplehome_id

Zamioculcas zamifolia plant is quite popular and widely used as an indoor ornamental plant. It can last 2 to 3 weeks indoors. Place the Zamioculcas zamifolia on the rattan pot as in the image that looks more artistic. Combined it with dry plants t beautify the look of your living room.

Well, that's some recommendations indoor plants that will beautify the appearance of your living room. Which of the above plants is your favorite?

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