6 Amazing Space-Saving Kitchen Under The Stairs

Homiful.com -- Make the most of every space in your home, including the area under the stairs. You can turn it into a space-saving and functional kitchen. The kitchen design under the stairs doesn't always look smoky and cramped, there are many ways to make the kitchen under the stairs feel airy and make cooking more enjoyable. If you're curios about the kitchen under the stairs design or simply want to make on in your own home. Keep reading for more under stairs kitchen design ideas!

Small but spacious under stairs kitchen


If you want to start making a kitchen under the stairs, the position of the kitchen must be adjusted to the size of the room. Moreover, if the size of the room under the stairs is quite spacious, you can create a complete kitchen set and also fit a lot of kitchen appliances on it. This kitchen is styled with an L-shaped model that allows you to put the dining table at once in the same area.

Fresh kitchen under stairs design

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Pay attention to the lighting and air vents to bring an open and refreshing atmosphere to the kitchen under the stairs. This small kitchen under the stairs uses an elongated kitchen set (single wall's model) in a white-blue interior that looks homey and fun. The corner of upper cabinet is being made following the shape of stair as can be seen in the inspiration above.

Pink kitchen under stairs design


The space under the stairs tend to be narrow and small, but that doesn't mean you can't present a kitchen with your favorite theme. The kitchen under the stairs the looks the thematic is certainly more beautiful in the eyes. You can apply the pink pop color theme, by choosing cabinets and cooking utensils in pink. Pick the glossy kitchen set also will beautify your space-saving kitchen under stairs. A beautiful look cooking will also feel more fun, right?

Kitchen Under Stairs with White Shades


Applying white color to the minimalist kitchen under the stairs can make the kitchen always look clean and spacious. You can choose a kitchen set with a white color display with marble combination to give the impression of an elegant and modern kitchen.

Neatly arranged kitchen under the stairs


There are many ways to make the kitchen under the stairs look beautiful and comfortable to use. You can maximize this place only for kitchen sets,  by paying attention to the storage of cooking appliances and groceries needed. That way, the tiny kitchen under the stairs remains neatly arranged and makes a feeling of spirit when cooking.

Semi-open kitchen under stairs ideas


Since the position of this kitchen is at the bottom of the stairs and visible in the corner of the room, you can place it near the void area. Something like this will certainly give you a fresher and more pleasant kitchen space. The fresh air will blow into you, when you're cooking in this space.

A single wall kitchen is selected for more space-saving. Pick  the kitchen interior with Multiple HPL in glossy surface material to make the kitchen space look so simply cozy and homey.

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