5 Minimalist Design Tips to Make Your Home More Functional


5 Minimalist Design Tips to Make Your Home More Functional

Homiful.com -- One minimalist space with many functions becomes the choice of many people even more if still single. Although the following rooms are not ass luxurious as the apartment. Its slick design with multifunctional arrangement will be a comfortable residence for the owner. Especially if this one room is very functional to sleep, watch TV, learn with different places and furniture. No need to talk much, this is the design of the following one room that you can try to apply at home.

Combine one same texture

This is the view of one room that has a place to watch TV and there is also a sofa. So is the bedroom next to it. But another thing that need to be thorough is in making these space tips. You can create the same textures for contrast purposes and also be the key to one functional space. Equal color selection at some points such as carpets and curtains that will help the room look harmonious and comfortable.

Using neutral colors

Starting from the floor, the walls for this room the use of neutral colors is very helpful simple impression with a clean atmosphere. Because the size is also not so large, it is worth adding bright colors can be applied to some areas. Simply blend the color selection in the space with 3 color palettes that are enough to be combined with any item.

Makes furniture as the focus of the room

To maximize the function of a space is important to pay attention to what furniture is used. Just like in the middle of this room. Small size with box shape and very functional as a coffee table. Not only that, with its brown color and model like a roster gives this table function is very complete and can be focused at one point.

Hide storage

The following tips for designing space are very unique. You can hide storage in some spaces. One of them is in the corner of the room that can be covered with cloth or using a cabinet. But the right solution if you have a 2nd floor, the area under the stairs is an important part for hiding things.

Be careful in choosing space accents

Many people assume that minimalist space does not need decorations of goods. Whereas the decorations components for the room in the house are very important. This you can do in the decorations of decorations such as carpets, mirrors, blankets to the use of lamp as lighting. 

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