5 Characteristics of Modern Minimalist House That Must Be Known!


5 Characteristics of Modern Minimalist House That Must Be Known!

Homiful.com -- Modern minimalist house becomes one of the residences with an architectural concept that many people are looking for in recent years until now. Especially with the addition of minimalist living philosophy that is increasingly trending to minimize the use of resources. But with the concepts of a minimalist house does not ignore the comfort, beautiful impression and beauty for the interior of the house. The purpose of having a modern minimalist house is to implement a simpl, efficient and more concise design. And here are some characteristics of modern minimalist houses that you should know below.

Simple design

Starting from a simple form, selection with an open concept. Modern minimalist house prioritizes functional space for storage. Modern minimalist house concept that needs to be noticed is the spacious wall view and airy visual displays.

Open space, clean and full lighting

One of the next modern minimalist house concept to know is to apply natural lighting from the direction of the window. You can let the light in without using curtains during the day. You can also apply this concept to several rooms such as living room, dining room, bedroom and also kitchen.

Proper color selection palette

In determining the interior of a modern minimalist house, a beautiful impression on the selection of the right material can be application. One of them is by choosing a minimalist interior if the size in the room is small like this room. Simply try with a combination in one o the beds such as blankets, pillows to bed covers used.

Proper furniture placement

Next thing you should know in designing a modern minimalist house is to determine the right furniture. As in this design, you can make use of the furniture next to the door as a reliable storage. In addition, the use of door also needs to be considered with the model and safety select. 

Efficient interior selection

In determining the concept of a modern minimalist house that is appropriate . Recognizing the space in the house is important to do. Besides helping the selection of furniture and also efficient interior. Minimalist house will have a comfortable interior arrangement, simple but look classy.

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