Unique and Beautiful With Tropical Style Home Decor

Unique and Beautiful With Tropical Style Home Decor

Homiful.com -- Tropical-styled home is a home which is decorated and designed in such a way by involving a lot of natural elements. No wonder that a tropical home looks natural and beautiful. If your want to design your home in a tropical style, you might need to consider the following tips:

Main door area

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Don't forget to add elements of tropical plants with wide green leaves around your house especially on the front of porch of the house to add a natural and fresh impression. You can also add accessories that are identical to the natural there such as beach paintings with palm tress. rattan benches, and sea blue wall paint as well as fresh exteriors such as lime color. That way your home will look like a house in the middle of a tropical island.

Change the corner of the house as a healing space that refreshes the space

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Next, decorate your home with elements that feature tropical plant or animal patterns. Furniture or wallpaper with flower arrangement patterns (rose mallow, orchid family, and so on) with bright colors become a favorite for tropical home interior design. Meanwhile, for animal features. you ca use accessories of various size with dolphin shapes, elephant shapes, or other tropical animal shape. If necessary you can choose a fresh and beautiful living plant in view. Do not ignore the windows of the house to get a smooth and refreshing circulation.

 Interior of the room

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For wall paint colors, use bright colors such as yellow, orange, or sky blue, lime green to give a warm and cheerful feel. However, you can also use dark brown, beige, and green to give it a natural and cool feel, making you home feel like home in a tropical forest full of trees. Complete also with decorations from plants such as monstera or with unique detail such as tropical motif wallpapers.

Use natural components of wood material

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In addition to plants or various other tropical decorations. The use of furniture for tropical concept houses can be a consideration. You can choose wood as decorations of functional cabinet at home. In addition, use natural media from clay that feels fresh and hangs the atmosphere of the room. 

Has an open concept

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Tropical house with tropical concept is  incomplete without and open space that refreshes the interior of the house. You can choose the open window or healing space in the middle of the room to maintain a cool tropical concept. 

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