Tips to Make The Room Look Spacious -- Making a house into a place to live is everyone's wish. Many design are offered to make the house a destination for shelter and rest. Now many modern minimalist design houses that demand every room in the house is also minimalist. But there are several ways that can be done to keep the room in the house look more spacious. Can be applied to large houses and minimalist houses. Here are some tips to make the room look more spacious. Let's take a look together.

Using Glass Doors


Large glass doors can make the look of the house look more spacious, because it can show the room next to it that seems to merge with the main room. Use these tips to show the breadth of your room as if connected. Large glass doors can be limited between rooms, but with the right arrangement can make the look of the house become larger.

Wearing Bright Colors


Bright colors such as white combined with other colors can make the look of the house look more spacious. This is because bright colors can make the interior of the house brighter to look, so that the space is more spacious and free to do activities.

Install Large Windows and Curtains

The installation of large windows can make a room look more spacious. This is because the large windows showing the outside make the room seem to continue to the outside. The presence of large windows also makes light enter directly into the room so as to make the interior brighter visible. The use of large curtains also supports the presence of windows to give the impression of higher ceilings of the house, so that a small room will look more spacious.

Remove Door, Partition in Each Room


For minimalist houses that have a narrow room, making the room more spacious can be removing between rooms. There is no need to install doors in each room to show a wider and more spacious impression. Separation between rooms based on their function can be done by differentiating the interior in each room that is interconnected.

Use Carpets and Patterned Floors with the Right Ceiling

The presence of carpets in the room adds a more spacious impression. Moreover, with patterned floors can make the house wider. The combination of carpets with patterned floors can give the impression of a longer and wider room. The shape of the ceiling design can also be used as a measure of how spacious a room is. Choose a ceiling with a bright color, and make the distance between the ceiling of the house and the floor as high as possible. This can make the room look more spacious.

Those are some tips to make the room look spacious. You can create a room in the house according to your wishes. With many home design references, your home will look more attractive. May it inspire you all.

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Author       : Arysca
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