The Garden Dining Room Area for Your Inspiration

The Garden Dining Room Area for Your Inspiration -- the dining room is quite a functional place. Not only for dining activities, you can choose the dining room as a place to study, work and relax. However having a dining room inside the house is a little boring, as there is only one set of tables without any other interesting entertainment.

Well this will be shared for your about the dining room in the fresh garden can be an inspiration for a new home later. 

Close to the garden in front of the house


The first dining room makes use of the front porch courtyard of the house. The selection of outdoor tables without backrests and black iron tables makes the look more elegant. Add a table mat with plant decoration on the table that sweetens the look.

Open with the back garden of the house


The dining room that is still in this house could be the choice. Protected from the heat and rain, you can use a natural industrial concept table. A stand that has a cushion as well as a small minimalist-sized table. Also pairs of interior light that seem warm with a dim flame/

Dining room on the side terrace


With the concept of near the garden of the house, this dining room chooses the terrace area next to the house with the reasons for the protection that maximal from the rain heat. Choosing a long size tables as well as a set of black colors makes the look more elegant. Especially if the park can look not far from the view, it will certainly be very refreshing.

Dining room near vertical garden


Choose one spelling of sofa a dining table with a long chair bench. This dining room is like the concept of a cool outdoor cafe. In addition to getting fresh air from the plants around, you can play musical instrument and party small with your closets friends.

Folding  dining table for outdoor space


Choosing outdoor furniture needs to be considered. You can choose furniture that can be moved at will like this folding table. Will allow more rain or heat if there is no top cover, Close to nature you can choose a table of natural wood materials that feel dominant with a fresh natural atmosphere.

That's the dining room in the garden that you can try to apply at home. By trying new things saturated atmosphere can be eliminated. Good luck :)

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