Swimming Pool Design For Better Summer


Swimming Pool Design For Better Summer

Homiful.com -- No need how important in what day you will make the pool. having your own swimming pool at the back of the house is very popular at times like this. Besides being comfortable in summer, the swimming pool at home also helps you to hang out with your old friends. Not only suitable for a relaxing atmosphere at home in the summer. You can invite friends to hang out together at the end of the season. It would be better if the design of the swimming pool beautifully designed and should consider for what age to be safe for children. And here are some of the best summer pool design for your.

Long model swimming pool with open concept


Indeed the best design to make a swimming pool is with an elongated size like this. In a special design for your homeowners, this swimming pool is chosen open concept suitable for the atmosphere of summer arriving. Make a unique impression from the bottom of the pool by choosing a unique patterned floor and stretch the whirlpool to make it comfortable to use. 

Concrete floor with two pools, one for children


If you consider the child's pleasure. Design a pool you also need to choose with a model like this. Distinguishing parts for adults, you can choose with a square model with a depth of 1 - 2 m. But stull ensure its safety, as long as it gives the distance between the adult and child swimming pools to be comfortable. Make a circle-shaped child pool with a depth of no more than 1 m.

Swimming pool with fountain


Fresh air and warm atmosphere when summer comes you can feel in this area. By making a pool size of 2 x 5 m you can feel the soak and the warm sun. Make s safe design, pay attention to the location of the pool and choose in the side are or back area of the house. Add with fountain for a more relaxing atmosphere.

Small swimming pool like in Bali


If you like the beautiful atmosphere of Bali, without going far you can feel yourself in a small house. Make a pool that only measure 1 x 3 m, you can feel the atmosphere of Bali with an open concept and refreshing like this. If necessary, add a lounge chair for a cozy atmosphere,

Swimming pool in void area


Fresh and comfortable, whirlpool flows from the direction of the walls of this pond is made to give a comfortable feeling. Enjoy summer no need to go far to the beach. Bolt the pools as attractively as possible, choose the size of the pool with an elongated size to be more free when soaking in this pool.

Have you planned to make a swimming pool at home? Of course, you can try to apply the design at home and adjust the budget and size of the house to be comfortable to relax. 

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