Small Master Bedroom Design Ideas Tips and Pictures -- The master bedroom is a fairly important room in a house. This room is usually occupied by the owner of the house or the oldest or the most respected family member in the house, such as the parent. 

The master bedroom can be said to be the most private and personal room. So, it is important to design this room to feel comfortable enough. 

In  some houses, the master bedroom is indeed larger than other bedrooms. But in a small house, the master bedroom is not always big and large. Nevertheless, the design of the master bedroom can be made with a minimalist model that is more varied and bold.

Special for those of you who have small master bedroom, keep reading for 5 small master bedroom design ideas tips and pictures.

Choose White as Base Color

One most used tips for small master bedroom design is choosing white as a base color. You can choose white tile ceramics, paint the wall in white and pick some pieces of furniture in white. White color have the effect of enlarging a space. You also can pair the white walls with blue tone, make rooms look cozier.

Work Pattern

When you decide to choose white as the base color in the room, try to provide patterned accessories in your bedroom. The pattern can help the flow of the space. You can put a pattern on the bedsheet. It won't be overwhelming in a small space, because the pattern on the bedsheets is the only large patterns in this bedroom.

Brighten Up The Room

The window has a pretty vital function in the room. Through the window, a fresh breeze can enter the bedroom. Through the window as well, sunlight can enter and illuminate the room. More light makes room look larger as well.

On Floor Bed Design

Eliminating the bed frame can be the solution to bring a larger room. Next to the mattress, you can still put the cabinet. The mattress and cabinets were placed close together, but it did not make the room seem crowded. On floor bed design also create more space above, and making the room seem higher.

Pay attention to the layout

If you want to keep the bed, make sure there no big item next to the bed. Just a simple dresser table is enough. When the big bed is placed too close to the large cabinets, it will make the room look so crowded, even the space for you to step is very limited.

Another idea you can do, put your large cabinet in front of the bed or the other side, which doesn't disturb your movement in the bedroom.

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