Modern Interior Design In a Minimalist Style

Modern Interior Design In a Minimalist Style -- Minimalist home style is still popular today. The concept is simple, yet the effect created is very interesting. Its simplicity and concept which emphasize on functionality makes this concept highly suitable for modern society. If you want to apply this minimalist home concept, you'd better know this:

Living room its attractive interior

Minimalist concept has its own characteristics. It has firm lines. This principle is applied not only for the exterior but also interior part of the house. This home concept generally features several colors at once. It can be seen from the wall pain color. The recommended color combination for a minimalist house is bright colors and dark colors. However, it is okay if you want to have a another color combination, as long as it looks nice, simple, and comfortable.

Dining room

Once again, a minimalist concept emphasizes on functionality. If your home decorations choice has lees function, its is better no to use it. It also quite the same with carvings or ornaments. In a minimalist concepts, ornament is something you should avoid. Use this principle in the furniture selection as well. If you want to have some ornament, you can choose the ones without carvings.

Small kitchen 

Minimalist small kitchen the things above are the basic principles of the minimalist concept, Once understood, the next step will be easier. But surely there is one thing that disturbs your mind. If there are no ornaments, a home certainly would seem too plain. Consequently, the decorations seem boring. It is the weakness of the concept of minimalism. Thus, arrange the lighting and color in such a way to create an attractive decoration. 

Beautiful bedroom

To avoid a monotonous look, this minimalist concept optimize the use of colors. Even sometimes is uses more that one colors. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to the number of colors. Do not get too much use of different colors since it might lose the minimalist effect. You can apply the colors not only on the wall, but also on the furniture.
Lighting is another important things a minimalist house design. The focus in on the selection of lighting colors and directions. The common lighting colors used are yellow and white. Each colors has a different characteristic. Yellow color created the impression of romantic of a romantic and a warm room, while the white color creates the impression of a formal and spacious room.

Best furniture in home

The selection of furniture shape also becomes an important consideration. We recommend that you choose a simple shape that carriers firm lines. The color should be adjusted to the color of the room. In term of the furniture materials, there is actually not set of rules about it. You can choose wood or iron. Most importantly, the furniture does not seem to complicated with many ornaments.

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