Modern Interior Design In a Minimalist Style

Modern Interior Design In a Minimalist Style -- Minimalist home style is still popular today. The concept is simple, yet the effect created is very interesting. Its simplicity and concept which emphasize on functionality makes this concept highly suitable for modern society. If you want to apply this minimalist home concept, you'd better know this:

Color combination selection


Minimalist concept has its own characteristics. It has a firm line. This principle is applied not only to the exterior but also to the interior of the house. This home concept generally displays several colors at once. This can be seen from the color of the wall paint. Or some furniture. Can be seen the recommended color combinations for minimalist houses are bright colors and dark colors. However, it's okay if you want to have another color combination, as long as it looks mice, simple, and comfortable.

 Prioritize functionality for space


Again, the concept of minimalism emphasizes functionality. If your home decor options have fewer functions, it is better not to use them. It is also quite the same as carvings or ornaments. In the concepts of minimalism, ornamentation is something you should avoid. Use these principles in the selection of furniture as well. if your want to have some ornaments, you can choose one without carving.

Ensure proper lighting for special spaces such as laundry rooms


Lighting is another important thing in minimalist home design. The focus is on the color selection and direction of the lighting. Common lighting colors used are yellow white. Each color has different characteristics. The yellow color creates a romantic and warm impression of the room, while the white color creates the impression of a formal and spacious room. Then it is suitable if the maximum lighting is applied to the drying area in the house like this even thought the size is small but considering its function.

Choosing the right theme


To avoid monotonous appearance, this minimalist concept optimizes the use of colors. Even sometimes use more than one color. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to the number of colors. Don't use too many different colors as the may lose the minimalist effect. you can apply color no only on the walls, but also on furniture.

Minimalist kitchenette


The above are the basic principles or minimalist concept. Once understood, the next step will be easier. But surely there's one thing that bothers you. If there are no ornaments, the house will certainly look plain. As a result, the decorations seem boring. This is the weakness of the minimalist concept. Thus, adjust the lighting and colors in such a way as to create an attractive decorations.

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