Interior Lighting Tips for a Dining Room

Interior Lighting Tips for a Dining Room -- Elegant dining room design with good lighting you want to provide lighting in the dining room, one factor that must be considered is that the lighting can create and atmosphere that increase the appetite. To get a pretty good arrangement of lights, you can combine of the general lighting. If you want a modern impression in the dining dining room, you can also use hanging lamps and wall lamps. The use of indirect lighting with light yellow color will give the impression of a romantic and graceful atmosphere because the light doesn't shine to the dining room directly, but reflected to the ceiling first.

Dining room near the stairs with chandeliers

Dining Room by : nuy_home

To give a good touch of lighting in the dining room, especially the small dining room, you can install two light as the main lamp for your small dining room. You can install two lights on the ceiling; by the window by the door or near the stairs like this. Point the lamp down for maximum illumination. 

Three-level dining room lamp

Dining Room by : hesti.novitadewi

For certain lighting, you can install a ceiling lamp on the dining table in the form of two or more chandelier. Because, light can fall right on the dining table. And the light effect produced by the chandeliers makes the atmosphere around the dining table more intimate. You can choose a lamp with three brighter levels and maximum lighting.

One focused lamp to the dining table

Dining Room by : ne2nkprakasih

In order to eat more intimate activities, lighting needs to be done. Use floodlights in the middle of a room with bright white light. In addition, give a unique touch in the dining room sky by installing a classic model ceiling. So that the shadow of lights is focused only on the lamps.

Two floodlights in the middle of the room between the kitchens

Dining Room by : rumah_yuriko

In addition, you can also add two spot lights directed to several displays (such as painting and others) hung on one dining room wall. That way, the objects displayed will look more alive.

Dining room light with mini bar

Dining Room by : rikka.restienew

The presence of good lighting can make the interior design of the dining room look more beautiful. The functional impression of the dining room in this mini bar gives the space more efficient. With a more modern living room concept like this will make your dinner time with the family become more clam and quality. So make the most of your dining room lighting.

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