Inspired Ideas for Attic Bedrooms -- Running out of space to add a bedroom in the house? Take a lookup, why not try to make use of the attic as a more useful room. Some attics are only used as dark and dusty storage warehouse. Even some people leave it obsolete and unkempt so that it becomes a rat's nest. Actually, the attic can be converted into an attic room used for bedrooms, sitting rooms, children's playroom or other. 

Instead of using the attic as a warehouse or even leaving it unkempt, it's a good idea to make the attic as your private space or bedroom. We wish that some examples below can be an inspiration for you.

Decorate the walls so it won't be creepy


Yes, some of us may be a bit scared of the attic (thanks to the effect of seeing a horror movie). But take it easy, there's a way to make the attic room not feel so spooky. One of them is lining the attic wall with tendril-patterned wallpaper. Another idea is  so that the attic bedroom doesn't seem empty and creepy.

Skylight for natural light and fresh air


This unique loft room has skylights or large glass ceiling so that natural light and fresh air can enter freely. The design of the bedroom is made simple and minimalist, without excessive decoration. There are only a bed, work desk, work chair, bookshelf, sitting lamps and cabinets. 

Bright attic room design


The design of this attic room is modern minimalist with more calm colors, such as white, a bit of gray and dark blue. An additional skylight is also added here. That's why, the bedroom space look more bright. 

This bedroom only has a bed, dressing mirror, and also plants in the pot. Due to the narrow area, the space above the window is used as a shelf to display the decoration in the room.

Cozy room vibe


Usually, the attic roof is sloping, the size of the room is also limited, but it can be converted into a comfortable attic space. It's better if the mattresses are placed without beds, while pieces of furniture is selected with a slick and space-saving design. 

To give a cozy vibe, you can put a parquet wall in the attic. Then put the plants that will refresh the atmosphere in the room. Install a string lamp with a dim light to make the atmosphere at night feel warm and romantic.

A loft bedroom design


If the distance of the attic floor and roof is still high enough, then you can design a loft bedroom there. The area under the bed, can be used as another room such as a study table, even mini kitchen to dining table. Add string light around your loft bed to give the room a warm and comfortable feel. 

80s vibe attic bedroom


If you like the design of the attic room with an old-fashioned feel, try the bedroom design above. All-wood furniture with warm light sepia colors will take you to the 80s vibe.

The presence of skylights on the roof, of course, makes you can see the rain that falls and can also see the stars and the moon at night. 


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Author : Yeni
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