Incredible Space Saving Bedroom Ideas -- Are you having trouble putting your things in the room? Or are you confused about arranging a work desk in the room, when you really need to complete school task deadlines or office work quietly in your own bedroom? Perhaps one the of the problems is the design of your bedroom that is not practical enough and space-saving. 

If needed, you may need to remodel the design of your small bedroom. There are several addition functions so that your room can store your belonging wells.

Try to check out 6 space-saving bedroom ideas below. We've chosen 6 bedroom ideas that are quite space-saving and comfortable. Some of these design are also suitable for small bedroom or designs in your studio apartment. Hopefully useful. 

Get your bed up

Now there are many bed frame designs that are quite multi-functional. The built-in bed frame model is made higher and comes with some storage space. The flat part can be used for bedding. Meanwhile, at the bottom is used as a storage cabinet. One place but with a variety of functions. 


 Multi-functional bed design

One of the advantages of designing a custom bed is that you can adjust the furniture to the dimensions of the room. Like, a picture of this bedroom. This bed, in addition to being a mattress and cabinet, is also equipped with a minimalist work desk. Practical enough for those of you who have to work on task deadlines.

Use upper cabinet

If you run out of space to put your stuff, just use your empty wall as a storage item. Choose a strong and durable upper cabinet model. Choose a stylish upper cabinet design as well.

Integrated open cabinet on bed

The cabinet that blends into the bed can be used to put your favorite decorations. This cabinet can also be a visual partition so that your mattress is not too visible from afar.

You can design an upper cabinet right on the minimalist study table. The upper cabinet and work desk seems to be a partition between the bed and the other area. When your partner  takes a break and laying down in the bed, he or she can rest comfortably, without being distracted by your activities at the desk.

Some Space for Something

This space-saving bedroom design can also be applied to children's bedroom. Thus multi-functional bed still leaves enough space to put your children's favorite dolls. Available space can be used for their favorite dolls, so that your children are not afraid to sleep alone.

That's all for Incredible Space Saving Bedroom Ideas.  Hopefully this article is useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans. Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family to be of benefit to others.


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