How to Make A Small Garden Look and Feel Bigger in 7 Easy Steps -- The design of a small garden requires more planning and consideration than in designing a garden on a large land. By the right design and styling, you can still make a small garden feel so bigger. There are many ways and tips to outsmart a small land to become a perfect garden. Let's check out the tips below. Keep reading for How to Make A Small Garden Look and Feel Bigger in 7 Easy Steps.


1. Plan the garden arrangement


You need to arrange the garden furniture in the right position. If you want the garden to be a gathering room, the center of the garden can be used by laying the seating mat. Eliminating garden chairs and replacing them with the seating mats can make your garden feel more spacious. 


2. Keep Your Land Green


There are people who make the garden soil look full and textured, by combining grass and gravel rocks. This method is suitable to strengthen the natural impression, but it can also make your garden look too full and crowded. You can create the surface of the soil green without additional gravel. That way, your green garden looks bigger. 

3. Vertical Garden


Vertical garden techniques can be used to save space. Vertical gardens will create a fresh green atmosphere and make your garden look bigger. Make the garden wall into a space to display the beautiful plants.  

4. Leave it Open


Although small, but when placed outdoors, the garden will look bigger. This is because the sunlight is free to enter and illuminate this green park. Thus, it gives the illusion of a garden area that feels large. 


5. Use Stacking Racks


Stacking shelves can make it easier for you to display more plants. Combine with clay media pots for a beautiful and natural garden impression. Choose an elegant stacking rack design to make your garden look more stylish. 

6. Keep it Simple


If your garden is small, it's a good idea to plant only one or two plants. More plants in the small garden, make your little garden feel crowded. But one big shady tree is more than enough. It can make your garden look wider.

7. Uses Vines


The walls and sides of the fence can be the right space to be fitted with a garden. To make the garden wall more beautiful, you can choose a model of brown surface wall like wood, for a fresh natural impression.

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