Home Improvement Idea: An Open Concept Dining Room

Home Improvement Idea: An Open Concept Dining Room

Homiful.com -- Dining room design with an open concept be thankful if you live in an area where the air still clean, fresh, and not polluted. In such area, the environment is certainly still beautiful and natural. This kind of environment eases people in creating a cool and fresh home as well.

One room that can be designed in an open concept is the dining room. By creating an open dining room design, we can enjoy the view of the outdoors while dining there. For instance, we can enjoy the park in the yard or the view mountains far away.

Use dark color as a solid contrast


The selection of outdoor dining rooms becomes its own. In addition to making the dining atmosphere more relaxing, the outdoor dining room can provide fresh air and also relaxation. Especially if the dining room is open and blends with the garden of the house. You can choose the furniture of a set of black dining table to show a warm atmosphere and more integrated.
Complete the decorations of the surrounding plants for a natural feel that feels inside the body.

Select furniture to work maximum


By choosing an outdoor dining area, be sure to use fully furnished without exception. Choose a set of dining table with a long table shape, maximize to fit 6 people. The maximum lighting of this slag dining room can help the freshness that feels natural.
With a comfortable feeling, combine it with choosing white furniture that looks cleaner.

Wood material as an atmosphere warmer


Details of the outdoor dining room you can use strong wood materials. Starting from tables, chairs and also some other equipment. Ignore the room cover so that the fresh air is felt into the dining room. To prevent splashing when it rains, use a flexible cover curtain that is open at all times. Add beautiful decorations from the lights in the middle of the room.

Glass door that helps fresh atmosphere


The idea of creating a dining room without having to open the whole is pretty much in the fun. With the reason to avoid overheating. That way the concept of semi-open can still be tried. Use a glass door that makes it easy to illuminate sunlight into the room to the maximum. Choose complete brown furniture to warm the atmosphere of a pleasant meal.

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