Easy Tips to Clean Your Kitchen


Easy Tips to Clean Your Kitchen

Homiful.com -- What are your plans this weekend with the family? Taking a vacation to the beach or spending all day at home? Inviting your family members to clean the house in the weekend sounds nice too, doesn't it?

One important part of the home is the kitchen. Yet, this are is often a home for dirt and stains. When cooking, you might spill water or oil which finally leave stains on the countertop or stove. Dirty scattered kitchen utensils might also create odor in the kitchen. This condition will definitely make you feel uncomfortable when cooking and preparing food in the kitchen. 

Well, to keep your kitchen clean and healthy, you can do the followings tips:

Neat layout of all fixtures


First, clean your kitchen by putting all the kitchen utensils in their place neatly. This is the first mandatory job you should do when cleaning the kitchen. Clean uncomfortable plates, glasses, pots or pans. Sort the kitchen utensils that you actually use every day and the ones you don't use. It's certainly an effective way to keep your kitchen from looking crowded.

Clean the sink area


You can clean the sink. Pour vinegar on all surfaces of the sink, and let stand for 10 minutes. After that, brush all the surface of the sink, especially in the crevices and corners where dirt often sticks. Rinse with warm water. Also don't forget to clean the tap in the sink. Dispose of garbage next to the sink regularly.

Clean stove


And then, clean your kitchen furniture. You can start by cleaning your refrigerator rack. Do so by washing the shelves with a mixture of warm water and soap.

Furthermore, you can clean the surface of your stove which is often affected by oil or water spills. Do so by wiping the surface of thee stove with cloth. Don't forget to clean your microwave as well.

Clean kitchen table and cabinets


Clean the bottom of the table as it is usually the dirtiest part. Also, di not store food that smells too long in the kitchen cabinet, because the pungent smell of food will spoil the taste of your new dish.

Clean accessories in the kitchen


Fifth, clean your kitchen accessories. Accessories like curtains will be a sweetener for your kitchen. Make sure you wash the curtains regularly, say once a week. Clean floors, walls and ceilings using a vacuum cleaners.

Well, now you can start cleaning up with your family members. Always keep your kitchen clean and you will always have a comfortable kitchen to produce delicious dishes.

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