7 Most Fragrant Plant to Grow In Your Yard

7 Most Fragrant Plant to Grow In Your Yard

Homiful.com -- Many types of flowering plant that you want to make the yard at home look beautiful and refreshing. Are you looking for a type of flower that only refreshes the environment or a fresh flower with its distinctive aroma?

Both have their own impression to move the house. If you are a beginner of course have to learn about the specifications of the plant so as not to die when treated.

Well here are the 7 type of plant most must be that can grow in your yard!



Roses are know for their beautiful flowers with a distinctive aroma. Has a variety of colors, this flower has a beautiful crown and blooms throughout the day. Strems have thorns that can protect themselves from animal, so it is not uncommon that this plant never breaks down.

Sweet Alyssum


This Beautiful plant is small flower plant with unique crown. Can create peaceful energy and create spiritual balance. Branched stems make it possible when flowering to grow together and beautiful for the yard. Many choices of flower colors that can be chosen such as yellow, pink, white, to purple. The aroma should be almost similar to honey.



Gardenia plant is a type of flowering plant that is still a clump with coffee plants. The white flowers make a beautiful impression for this one plant. In addition to having a distinctive aroma, this plant can also provide relaxation that helps relieve stress. You can consume this plant for tea as a way of reducing excess cholesterol.



Fragrant aroma with beautiful flower, this magnolias plant becomes one type of plant that quickly blooms in spring. A distinctive pink color, this plant is almost like cherry blossoms from a distance. Can grow up to 24 meters, this plants is a large species to decorate the yard. Efficacious for traditional medicine in China as lung health and anxiety therapy.



This plant with the name honeysuckle can be grown by vines and easily found in every country such as America, Asia and Africa. Sweet aroma of this flower can be used to overcome various health problems, you can can cultivate this plant with diverse coil conditions and resistant to hot weather.



Is a type of perennial plant commonly grown in the Mediterranean and Africa. This plant has a smell should be with the shape of bells and petals that fold. Besides suitable for decorating the room, bed, you can plant this in the yard. Strems are thick grow upright and have flower crowns. Can grow in the spring, this plant can not stand the ice and prefers a slightly bright shaded place. 



Flowers that can be grown in 4 season such as in China, Japan, Korea and USA. This flower can penetrate up to 20-30 meters. Has a flower crown with red, purple, white, yellow and blue colors . This plant grows hanging and can fill its vines.

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