7 Images to See Before You Start Renovating Your Kitchen

Homiful.com -- Thinking of renovating your kitchen? Before doing so, make sure you know what you have to change. Whether it's mostly kitchen design or just a small part of the kitchen area. In addition, there are also some tips and tricks that you need to know, so that the kitchen becomes more comfortable when used.

For inspiration, you can see the idea of 7 Images to See Before You Start Renovating Your Kitchen. Some of these images can be used as a reference to change the look of your kitchen.

Pay attention to the size and height of the kitchen table


The size and height of kitchen furniture will greatly support comfort when cooking. So, it's a good idea to pay attention more to the detail size of the kitchen table, the height of the stove from the upper cabinet even to the size of the lower cabinet. The position above just estimate only, you can adjust to your posture. The position of the kitchen table that fits to your height, will make you enjoy cooking more. 

Lighting in The Kitchen


Try to always present a window or air vent so that the kitchen always feels fresh and not stuffy. If you can't install a window in the kitchen, it's better to install an exhaust fan and cooker hood to make the air in the kitchen remains clean.

Spice Rack Design


Cooking definitely needs seasoning, right? Your new kitchen design should make it easier when it comes to seasoning dishes. That's why, you need some extra additional racks just especially for spice and dry cooking ingredients only. Buy a wheeled stacking racks that are easy to move.

Change The Floor


Replace the plain kitchen floor with pentagon tiles in monochrome. Simply change the kitchen floor, and you will get a new atmosphere. Floor change that cost the most, but are quite comparable for having a kitchen that look so elegant.

Considering Semi-outdoor Kitchen


The kitchen adjacent to the side yard can also be called as a semi-outdoor kitchen. The semi-outdoor kitchen offers a freshness of natural air when you are in the kitchen. For kitchen set design also consider choosing a single wall design to make the kitchen look more spacious. 

Give It a Strong Pattern in the Kitchen


Love the kitchen atmosphere that looks lively and not quiet? You must try the kitchen design that is full of patterns above. The backsplash kitchen is selected from ceramic materials with random black and white patterns. Don't forget the yellow color over the black and white shades gives an accent that makes the kitchen look lively.

Kitchen with A Specific Color Theme


Before you start renovating your kitchen, you should consider giving the kitchen a specif color theme. This is to make the kitchen look more pleasant to the eye. Like the purple kitchen above, the kitchen set is selected in purple, as well as the backsplash also in purple but have glittery effect. A clear theme will make the kitchen look unique and attractive.

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